Delay, Deny, Defend in New Zealand

Link: Campbell Live

Jay Feinman, author of Delay, Deny, Defend, was invited to New Zealand to address insurance issues arising after the Christchurch earthquake. Here he debates the CEO of the NZ Insurance Council on claim practices.

Delay, Deny , Defend in Star Ledger

Link: Bob Braun column

Bob Braun, well-known columnist for the Star Ledger (NJ), featured Delay, Deny, Defend in a recent column and sparked a vociferous response from Bob Hartwig, a leading insurance industry spokesperson.

Feinman interview with Chip Merlin

Link: Merlin interview

See an interview with Jay Feinman by leading policyholder attorney William F. "Chip" Merlin, Jr., at the First Party Claims Conference. The FPCC is a major event for those involved in property insurance, including public adjusters, lawyers, and industry representative, this year held in Warwick Rhode Island. Also follow Merlin’s Property Insurance Coverage Law Blog at

Podcast on Blogtalkradio

Link: Blogtalkradio

Hear a conversation between Jay Feinman and Gene Veno, President of the American Association of Public Insurance Adjusters. Topics include why consumers need help in choosing insurance policies and dealing with insurance companies and what services public insurance adjusters can provide.

Bullish on Books column

Link: Bullish on Books

Read Jay Feinman’s column in the Bullish on Books Blog from CNBC."It’s sad when a company loses its way. Toyota built a worldwide brand on the promise of quality and reliability, only to see that brand tarnished by its recent massive recalls. It’s sadder still when an industry loses its way, and that is what has happened to a substantial part of the insurance industry over the last two decades.Insurance companies basically sell security. A consumer is willing to pay insurance premiums in the expectation that if something bad happens—a house burns down, a car crashes—the company will pay for the loss that otherwise might financially ruin the consumer.But insurance companies increasingly fail to honor their promise of security. "Follow the link for more

Feinman post on Michigan Auto Lawyers Blog

Link: Michigan Auto Lawyers Blog post

Michigan attorney Steven Gursten writes an important blog on auto accident litigation, insurance law, and related issues. Read Jay Feinman’s guest post about Delay, Deny, Defend . Gursten comments:"One interesting thing about Professor Feinman’s excellent book is that as bad as things are, they are likely far worse for auto accident victims in Michigan. Michigan is one of only a few states without bad faith laws, punitive damages, or a state consumer protection act that insurance lawyers can use against insurance companies when they wrongfully deny claims."

Insurance issues after natural disasters

Link: Hurricane Irene webcast

Hear a discussion of insurance issues arising from Hurricane Irene and other natural disasters with Jay Feinman; Amy Bach, Executive Director of United Policyholders; Nicole Vinson of the Merlin Law Group; Mike Capili of Metro Public Adjusters; and claims expert Earl Carr, Jr. The moderator was Gene Veno, President of the American Association of Public Insurance Adjusters. Original broadcast date: August 29, 2011.